Our hotel complex fosters organization of private and middle-size parties both outdoor and indoor ones. Our sport yard, pond, fire-bone place and other attractions can be used to organize and conduct integration program. Additionally, we have full rights to devise 50- are area to paintball nearby Ostoya. Attractions that we are to offer, encourage and favor successful party process organized whole year long. Our reception room can also be used together with a dining room to organize receptions or other celebrations for about 25 people. We organize shows, displays, picnics, company integration parties, workshops and many more. Our favorable conditions have precious asset for companies or people who wish to gain close integration.



We are ready to organize each and every celebration party. We cooperate with the best catering companies from Rzeszów, thanks to which we will stay reminded in your good memories and tastes.
We direct the offer to organize celebrations like: First Communion, Christian Baptism, Birthdays, Anniversaries and many more.

Family parties



Our place is ideal for all possible family parties. We organize various family celebrations, such as: First Communion, Christian Baptism, Birthday, Anniversaries as well as simple family meetings. In addition, we offer professional babysitting and inflated attractions like castles, batpole lift etc.
The family celebration can be diversed by a walk with breathtaking and picturesque views at Rzeszów and its area or simply relax in our sauna, swimming pool, gym and our other attractions located in the hotel facility.
For children, we have a beautiful pony always ready to ride and play with.

Mini banquets



Our place is a perfect place to organize chamber banquets. We eagerly host all kinds of associations, clubs, interest groups or unions at our place . We provide delicious cuisine and we do our best to fulfill our guests’ needs, even the most demanding ones.
Please join us to get more detailed offer.

Full integration



Our integration offer provides various parties’ scenario. We can offer programs which aim is to integrate as well as train while technical, professional as well as team-building workshops . All of our attractions can be included in the program you wish to entertain.
This is the place where not only your body but also your mind can relax.